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Karen Lese-Fowler, Ph. D (La Jolla)

Karen Lese-Fowler, Ph. D (La Jolla)


Karen Lese-Fowler, Ph. D (La Jolla)

Licensed counseling psychologist specializing in individual therapy

Dr. Karen Lese-Fowler is a psychologist with more than twenty years of licensed experience. Her areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, grief, relationship concerns, and trauma from an evidence-based, culturally informed lens. She has decades of experience in working with the college-aged population, but also enjoys working with female, male and gender nonconforming adults ranging from 18 to senior.

Prior to joining Hillcrest Psychological Associates, Dr. Lese-Fowler worked for nearly twenty years at the University of San Diego Counseling Center, where she developed and ran an accredited internship for advanced trainees obtaining their doctorates in psychology. She served as a teacher and mentor for many graduate students as they learned how to effectively help others. For this work she received two national awards, in addition to presenting at conferences and publishing in peer reviewed journals. She also served three terms on the Board of Directors for the national organization for training directors at university counseling centers. Her work as a teacher and supervisor of graduate students inspired her to continually stay abreast of the evidence base for psychological intervention, while maintaining warm relationships with clients and trainees.

The core of Dr. Lese-Fowler’s work is developing a safe and trusting relationship with her clients. This means listening deeply to their stories in order to determine the most effective methods to address their concerns. She believes that understanding an individual requires also understanding their unique cultural experience in the world, and has experience in and commitment to working with marginalized communities. She also believes that having an understanding of an individual’s life story, including developmental and family history, provides important context to their current concerns. She integrates interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based and psychodynamic approaches in order to assist her clients in making meaningful changes in their lives. She also has specialized training in mindfulness meditation, self-compassion, and Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD. Through their work with her, clients learn to create new narratives and visualize different possibilities in their lives.


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