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College & Graduate Students

San Diego Psychologist for College Students

Are you a college or graduate student looking for a psychologist in San Diego? Undergraduate and graduate school can be one of the most rewarding milestones of one’s life. Alternatively, it can also be an extremely stressful time.  Navigating a heavy workload, managing competing demands, maintaining relationships, sometimes under financial duress, can lead to unexpected challenges and stress.

At Hillcrest Psychological Associates, our psychologists will help you navigate the adjustment and prioritize meaningful goals to focus on while in school.

College is also a time in which the future looms, and questions about next steps become inevitable. Our therapists will work with you to process anxiety about life after graduation and address a range of emotions that may arise during your education. Through a strengths-based approach to psychotherapy, we will collaboratively work through issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma or PTSD and burnout. Together, we will practice new coping strategies and explore options for implementing a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Our team offers flexibility in scheduling and will support you in balancing therapy as a personal tool for self-care. We strongly value your independence and will guide you towards continuous growth—-in the classroom and beyond.